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      Position: Production Director

      Age: Under 50   Sex: No restrict

      Available: One   Status: Full time

      Publish time: 2015-5-18 Valued until: 2015-8-18


      1.Responsible for production line.

      2.Bachelor degree or above qualifications with medicine major or other relative majors. (Medium Technique Title or Licensed Pharmacist Qualification is acceptable)

      3.Minimum 3 years experience in drug production and quality control, experience in GMP authorization and ability to prepare GMP documents, familiar with production equipment.

      4.Sense of responsibility, familiar with basic computer skills, strong communication and coordination skills.

      Contact information: Mr. Huang 15680206515 0832-5079510

      Add:No.188,Linchang Road, Baima Town, Neijiang, Sichuan, China  蜀ICP備05031241號   Sichuan Neijiang Huixin Pharmacy Co.,Ltd.  All rights reserved.   Tel:0832-8781104  0832-5079510  0832-5079508   Fax:0832-8781144   


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